Types Of Orders In Forex Trading

Types Of Orders In Forex Trading

Market Order

A order is that the commonest variety of entry order because it is employed to enter a trade at the simplest available price. In other words, if the EUR/USD is trading at the selling price of 1.3280, and you place a order, then during this case you may buy the requested currency at 1.3280.

The previous scenario indicates the best situation for the execution of market orders, but caution must be exercised when using this kind of order in poorly liquid markets. as an example, you would possibly place a previous order to shop for the EUR/USD, but if the market is volatile, a price gap will likely occur within the next moment and also the best available price are going to be more than you expected.

Limit Order

A limit order is an entry order that’s used after you want to shop for from below or sell from above the present market value.

For example, if the EUR/USD is trading at 1.3280 and you would like to shop for it at 1.3270, then you’ll place a limit order below this market value. In general, a limit order is employed once we want to enter the market at a far better price.

Stop Order

A order is employed to enter the market at a price higher or not up to this price without having to sit down ahead of a video display awaiting the market to achieve the target level.

For example, if you would like to shop for EUR/USD when it breaks above the 1.3290 level, while the pair is currently trading at 1.3280. during this case, you’ll be able to place a order to enter the market when it touches the amount of 1.3291.

Stop Loss Order

A order is employed to shut positions and is that the best thanks to protect your capital. A order is additionally a secure thanks to avoid losing an amount that exceeds what you’re prepared to lose if the market moves against you.

For example, if you get EUR/USD at 1.3280, then you’ll be able to place a stop loss order at 1.3260, which suggests that you simply have set a limit of loss to not exceed 20 pips.

There is a clear stage that you just will lose quite planned, within the event of a price gap that causes the market to exceed the desired stop level, during which case the platform will execute the stop loss order at the competition available price. it’s possible for this scenario to happen, but in rare cases.

Trailing Stop-loss Order

Trailing Stop could be a useful pending order that tracks the market because it moves in your direction, eliminating the requirement for you to observe the platform screen all the time. you’ll be able to enter a trailing stop at a particular level that’s a particular distance from the value, within which case the purchase order will move up or down simultaneously with the trade occupancy your favour, which guarantees a particular portion of the profit.

For example, if you get EUR/USD at 1.3280 and place your trailing stop 10 pips away. If we assume that the pair rose to 1.3300, during this case the stop-loss order will move by 20 pips to 1.3290 and thus you have got booked 10 pips of profit that you simply will never lose.

What is a Forex Robot ?

MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform provides complete solutions to clients’ needs, including charts, news feeds and plenty of more. you’ll be able to also use the platform’s native artificial language, MQL4, to put in writing custom indicators or trading strategies, which are called Expert Advisors.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisor (EA) is one in all the names given to Forex robots, which are developed to be suitable to be used on the MetaTrader 4 platform. because of the power of the trader to customize the settings of the expert advisor, he can cash in of this feature within the implementation of any trading strategy or risk management system as long because the designer knows a way to code these settings within the program.

For example, a trader might design an expert advisor to open market positions of a particular size at the intersection of the moving averages.


The main advantage of employing a forex robot is its ability to rid the trader of the negative impact of human emotions, which may be a significant drawback for several traders if they are doing not manage it well. Feelings of fear, greed and emotional stress accumulate easily and quickly when trading manually, which can lead the trader to lose his money and quickly fall prey to frustration.

On the opposite hand, the robot allows the execution of the specified strategy very smoothly and with a high degree of accuracy. The robot can even do all the difficult calculations of risk management elements during a jiffy, faster than the trader himself. It doesn’t stop there, but you’ll be able to design robots to trade round the clock and in numerous market conditions, so you do not must sit long before of a monitor all day and night.

In short, the forex robot can handle an oversized amount of the burden and toil that the trader bears, noting that the trader is already putting in place strenuous efforts within the pre-running stage of the trading program, especially within the development and testing stage of ideas.


Of course, there’s no easy thanks to make profits within the forex market and thus it can’t be denied that there are some limitations and downsides related to the utilization of forex robots.

One of these dark aspects is that there’s intense competition within the forex market, and thus it’s difficult to induce a robot that’s effective enough to attain reasonable success.

Yasmine Ahmed